What is Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership created to facilitate personal growth, understanding, and awareness that leads to conscious choice, focused action, and a meaningful, rewarding life.

I believe coaching is built on unconditional acceptance, grace, and compassion.

It is the powerful appreciation of the client’s strengths, uniqueness, potential capabilities and wholeness.


I will meet you where you are, offer my skills and expertise to help support and educate, and listen to you without judgment.


Family members have an immense influence and affect on each other. Coming together for family coaching will allow the entire family to elevate their understanding and learn how to best support the ADHD individual facing challenges. This is a way for whole families to become the family they want to be by creating an ADHD-appreciative environment in which the ADHD client, and everyone, can thrive.


Individual coaching is for those who are ready and willing to take action towards specific short- and long-term goals. Coaching can be your way of gaining a better understanding of the individual traits or tendencies like forgetfulness, impulsivity, and procrastination that may be hindering your progress. During the coaching process we will collaborate and uncover your strengths that will help you move forward to a more rewarding life!


Teachers and administrators are in a position to have a major impact on the lives of their students with ADHD. Coaching will help educators understand their students, how a lag in cognitive functions affects the student both academically and socially, how to utilize collaborative problem-solving techniques to get to the root of the lagging skill(s) that impede learning and/or behavior, and how to develop an effective rewards system. Through these learned techniques you’ll be equipped to reach and inspire your ADHD students like never before.


Learn about your Unique Brain Wiring to
Invent your Own Way with
Grace and compassion to recognize your
Hurdles and obstacles so you can
Travel your own path while
Unwrapping your full
Potential AND see new possibilities,
& … Together we will work from your
Strengths to align your
Heart and mind helping you to
Ignite your passion with the
kNowing of who you are … so you can
Enthusiastically BE YOU!